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Articles are classified as follows:

The Science Behind The Technology: Contrasting Approaches
Plants, crops & food
Human beings (gene therapy and screening)

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"What Is the Reality of a Gene?" by Johannes Wirz

"Hidden Inheritance" by Gail Vines

"Manipulating consciousness with advertising strategies" by Ingeborg Woitsch

"Transgenic Transgression of Species Integrity and Species Boundaries" by Mae-Wan Ho and Beatrix Tappeser

"The Value of Biotechnology As an Incentive for Moral Evolution" by John Armstrong

"An Interview with Professor Brian Goodwin" by David King

"Do the Genes Justify the Means?" by Pat Cheney


The Science Behind The Technology: Contrasting Approaches

"Progress towards complementarity in genetics" by Johannes Wirz

"Genes Are Not Immune to Context: Examples from Bacteria" by Craig Holdrege

"Reductionism and Organicism in Science" by Henk Verhoog

" Genetics and ethics - The difference between inorganic and organic nature in theory and practice" by Lukas and Michael Rist

"Ecology Versus Genetics--Two Opposite Tendencies within the Sciences of Life" by Trond Skaftnesmo

"Transcending Darwinism in the Spirit of Goethe's Science: A Philosophical Perspective on the Works of Adolf Portmann" by Hjalmar Hegge

"Environment as Data versus "Being": Is Goetheanism possible in the West?"   by William Brinton


Plants, crops & food

'Beyond Substantial Equivalence: Ethical Equivalence' by Sylvie Pouteau

'Expert Witness Brief to New Zealand Royal Commission on Genetic Modification' by Johannes Wirz
(on behalf of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association in New Zealand )

"Golden Genes and World Hunger: Let them eat transgenic rice?" by Craig Holdrege and Steve Talbott

"Ecological cereal breeding and genetic engineering" by Christine Karutz

"Dialogue on risk assessment of transgenic plants: Scientific, technological and societal perspectives"
Proceedings of a conference on 28th October 1997 at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

'Plant Biotechnology: Facts and Public Perception' by Donald Boulter
'A scientist’s appraisal of the public perception of GM food crops in the UK' by Donald Boulter

'Transgenic plant technology; threat or promise?' by Jonathan Jones

'The Nuffield Panel's Blunders' by George Monbiot

CornerHouse Briefing No 10, October 1998: 'Food? Health? Hope? -- Genetic Engineering and World Hunger'
by Sarah Sexton, Nicholas Hildyard and Larry Lohmann

"Beans Means Genes - Transgenic crops and food: a threat to cultural freedom?" by David Heaf

GeneWatch Briefing No. 3: "Genetic Engineering: Can it feed the world?"

"Cashing in on Life - Operation Terminator" by Jean-Pierre Berlan and Richard C. Lewontin

"Sustainable Organic Plant Breeding" by Edith Lammerts van Bueren et al.

"Organic farming and genetic pollution from genetically modified crops" by David J. Heaf

"Biotechnology and the basic values of organic agriculture" by Edith Lammerts van Bueren

(see also the many articles in our printed books Intrinsic Value and Integrity of Plants in the Context of Genetic Engineering published in 2001
and Genetic Engineering and the Intrinsic Value and Integrity of Animals and Plants published in 2002)



"Genetic modification of animals: Should science and ethics be integrated?" by Henk Verhoog

"Animal Integrity: aesthetic or moral value?" by Henk Verhoog


Human beings (cloning, gene therapy and genetic screening)

'Defending freedom – Defending the body. A philosophical commentary on the invasion of the human being' by Jens Heisterkamp

'Life Beyond Genes: Reflections on the Human Genome Project' by Craig Holdrege and Johannes Wirz (hosted at www.natureinstitute.org)

'Genetic Encores: The Ethics of Human Cloning' by Robert Wachbroit

"Genetics and Medicine" by Peter Grünewald

"Show me your genes and I will tell you who you are" -- A look at the Human Genome Project by David Heaf

"The Politics of Genetically Engineered Humans" by Richard Hayes

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