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Do you need help with an assignment, project or debate on genetic engineering or biotechnology?

Well, you've come to the right place if you want information on the ethics, social and environmental implications of the technology.

BUT ... if you're only interested in the methods used by genetic engineers or geneticists, you need to go elsewhere. For basic information on molecular biology, i.e. the nuts-and-bolts of genetic engineering, try the DNA Primer at the Human Genome Project or DNA From The Beginning at Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory or Access Excellence -- the schools pages of Genentech Inc.

SO ... are you still with me? I'm willing to help you, but before you email me ...

STOP and read this!

I can't handle all of your enquires. And often the requests ask me to do the impossible! For example, most messages read like this:

I have an assignment due in 2 days, so please send info on the pros and cons of genetic engineering.

I could spend hours--even days?--answering this one sentence! In the first place, the request is way too general. I also get the impression that I might be doing most of the work for whoever is out there. So I need to be selective.

I have a suggestion ...

I'll respond to you if you give me some details about what you've already done to research the topic. This means we may even get into a dialogue via email while you develop your ideas. Also it helps me to know if you've made use of what is already in the Ifgene homepage. For example:

Now after all of this ...

If you still need help, I'd be glad to hear from you. But give me some input. Also tell me your level in school, the nature of your project and which country you are mailing from. If you do not get a reply within 24 hours it is most likely because we are away from the office, i.e. not ignoring you! You may write in English, German, French or Welsh. Messages in other languages are possible but could take much longer to reply to.

Send your message to David Heaf, co-ordinator for Ifgene in the United Kingdom .
His email address is heaf (at) ifgene (dot) org -- please reconstruct this anti-spam address using the '@' symbol instead of (at) and a dot character instead of (dot).
Feel free to write in English, German, French or Welsh. Replies will be in English.

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