Reviews of Books Relevant to Genetic Engineering

Ifgene is an open forum for dialogue about biotechnology and solicits book reviews for visitors to read. Reviews should focus on topics about the uses and effects of genetic engineering (biotechnology).

To submit a review, contact David Heaf, his e-address is heaf (at) (Please reconstruct using @ symbol.)

DISCLAIMER: The comments of reviewers do not necessarily reflect the aims of Ifgene or the views of Ifgene working group members.

"In the Light of Context"
A review of Craig Holdrege's
Manipulation of Life: The Forgotten Factor of Context (USA title)
A Question of Genes - Understanding Life in Context (UK title)
by John Armstrong

"Goetheanistic Biology or Materialistic Reductionism?"
A review of Brian Goodwin's How the Leopard Changed Its Spots
by Johannes Wirz

"Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare?"
by Mae-Wan Ho, Gateway Books, UK, 1998, 277pp, ISBN 1-85860-051-0.
Reviewed by Roger Taylor.

"Brave New Worlds: Genetics and the Human Experience"
by Bryan Appleyard, Harper Collins, London, ISBN 0 00 257021 1 h/b, 188pp.
Reviewed by David J. Heaf

'Against the Grain -- Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food'
by Mark Lappé & Britt Bailey.
Common Courage Press. 163pp. ISBN 1 56751 150 3. 1998.
Reviewed by Joanne Lauck, Book Editor for Loma Prietan, a Sierra Club's Chapter Newsletter, March, 1999.

Baron Harvest
a novel by Peter Lind
JD Publishing, Kezier, Oregon, 2004, ISBN 0-9760617-0-8
Reviewed by David Heaf, Ifgene UK co-ordinator

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