Dialogue on risk assessment of transgenic plants: Scientific, technological and societal perspectives. Proceedings of the 3rd Ifgene Workshop in Dornach, Switzerland, 28th October 1997

Introduction. David Heaf, Editor Page 3.

Risk Assessment: The evolution of a viral population in transgenic plants. Pia MalnoŰ, GÓbor Jakab, Eric Droz and Fabian Vaistij pp 4-8.

Discussion pp 8-9.

Pollen dispersion of transgenic plants: Remarks and conclusions. Klaus Ammann pp 10-16.

Discussion pp 16-20.

Risk assessment and criteria for commercial launch of transgenic plants. David M. Stark pp 21-34.

Discussion pp 34-35.

How can we feel sure about the safety of transgenic plants? Barbara Weber pp 36-47.

Discussion pp 47-50.

Evaluation of both products and technologies. Johannes Wirz pp 51-54.

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