Book Overview

The Worldwide Challenge to Genetic Engineering
BRIAN TOKAR (editor)


- The first comprehensive account of the worldwide resistance to genetic

- Covers all the broad areas of concern - food safety, science,
environment, ethics, development

- An exciting follow-up to Eat Your Genes by Stephen Nottingham, now in its
third impression


Genetic engineering, animal cloning and new reproductive technologies are
being promoted as the keys to a brighter future of more productive
agriculture, medical miracles and environmental health. Growing numbers of
farmers, scientists and concerned citizens disagree. Farmers all over the
world encounter an increasingly monopolized seed and agrichemical industry.
Animal cloning and human genetic engineering raise troubling ethical
questions. And genes from plants, animals and humans have become objects to
bought, sold and patented by private interests. This book is the first to
comprehensively examine the hidden hazards of the new genetic
technologies, and the worldwide resistance to them that has emerged. Its
analysis of the issues, their implications, and what people are doing in
response is essential for understanding the full story behind today's

'An excellent guide to the brave new world of genetic engineering and to
effective ways to counter and transcend it.' - Professor Ruth Hubbard,
Harvard University & author of Exploding the Gene Myth


Brian Tokar is active in the peace, anti-nuclear, environmental and green
politics movements, and a faculty member at Goddard College and the
Institute for Social Ecology in Vermont. The contributors are
internationally respected critics of the new genetic technologies and
include Zed authors Vandana Shiva (Staying Alive and other titles) and Alix
Fano (Lethal Laws).

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Paperback ISBN........1 85649 835 2

Release Date.........February 2001

Format....................... Royal

Features.................... Resource List/Notes/Index

Extent.........................432 pp

Library Categories..... Popularscience/Health/Environment/Agriculture


Introduction: Challenging Biotechnology - Brian Tokar

Part 1 - Our Health, Our Food and the Environment

1. From Golden Rice to Terminator Technology: Why Agricultural
Biotechnology Will Not Feed the World or Save the Environment - Martha L.
2. Genetically Engineered 'Vitamin A Rice': A Blind Approach to Blindness
Prevention - Vandana Shiva
3. Cloning Profits: The Revolution in Agricultural Biotechnology - Sonja
4. Genetically Engineered Foods: A Minefield of Safety Hazards - Jennifer
Ferrara and Michael K. Dorsey
5. Safety First: Controlling the Risks of Biotechnology - Beth Burrows
6. Ecological Consequences of Genetic Engineering - Ricarda Steinbrecher
7. Biotechnology to the Rescue? Why Biotechnology is Incompatible with a
Sustainable Agriculture - Jack Kloppenburg Jr. and Beth Burrows
8. Engineered Trees: From Native Forest to Frankenforest - Orin Langelle

Part 2 - Medical Genetics, Science, and Human Rights

9. The Case Against Designer Babies: The Politics of Genetic Enhancement -
Marcy Darnovsky
10. Cancer as (Not) a Genetic Disease - Barbara Katz Rothman
11. If Cloning is the Answer, What was the Question? Genetics and the
Politics of Human Health - Sarah Sexton
12. Eugenic Tendencies in Modern Genetics - David King
13. If Pigs Could Fly, They Would: The Problems of Xenotransplantation -
Alix Fano
14. Reproductive Technology: Welcome to the Brave New World - Zo‘ C.
15. Is Violence in Your Genes? The Violence Initiative Project: Coming Soon
to an Inner City Near You - Mitchel Cohen

Part 3 - Patents, Corporate Power and the Theft of Knowledge

16. Gene Giants: Understanding the Life Industry - Hope Shand
17. Patents, Ethics and Spin - Beth Burrows
18. Biotechnology and Indigenous Peoples - Victoria Tauli-Corpuz
19. Shams, Shamans and the Commercialization of Biodiversity - Michael K.
20. Biopiracy: The Theft of Biological Knowledge and Resources - Vandana
21. Exclusive Rights, Enclosure and the Patenting of Life - Kimberly
22. Paving the Way for Biotechnology: Federal Regulations and Industry
P.R. - Jennifer Ferrara
23. Biotechnology and the New World Order - Mitchel Cohen

Part 4 - The Worldwide Resistence to Genetic Engineering

24. Resisting the Engineering of Life - Brian Tokar
25. Princes, Aliens, Superheroes and Snowballs: The Playful World of the
UK Genetic Resistance - Jim Thomas
26. Seed Satyagraha: A Movement for Farmers' Rights and Freedoms in a
World of Intellectual Property Rights, Globalized Agriculture and
Biotechnology - Vandana Shiva
27. Europe: Hostile Lands for GMOs: Why do Europeans Reject Genetic
Engineering More Fiercely than Americans? - Thomas Schweiger
28. No Patents on Life: The Incredible 10 Year Campaign against the
European Patent Directive - Steve Emmott
29. No to Bovine Growth Hormone: A Story of Resistance from Canada - Lucy
30. Cooperatives: A Source of Community Strength - Robin Seydel
31. McDonalds, MTV, and Monsanto: Resisting Biotechnology in the Age of
Informational Capital - Chaia Heller

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